About Us


ZHYTOMIR MEAT PRODUCING COMPANY is one of the biggest meat factories and beef slaughterhouses in Ukraine.


Our Story

Where It All Began

ALLIANCE Group of Companies is one of the leading meat processing and dairy companies in Ukraine.

Zhytomyr Meat Factory is a part of ALLIANCE and one of the biggest meat plants since 1920.

In 2003 the plant became part of Agro-Industrial Alliance, which gave a new start for development.

In 2005 the factory was renovated and updated with modern equipment.

Constantly adopting technological innovations, in 2016 we improved existing and developed new food safety technologies, which are recognized around the world, including cattle slaughtering process for manufacturing of products for OIS “Halal” Standard and international standard ISO 22000:2005, which is based on the principles of HACCP.

 As of today our production capacity is 1,500 MT of chilled and frozen beef (carcasses and cuts) and 2,000 MT of meat products per month.  We use only high quality raw materials, modern equipment and innovative technologies.

Producing high-quality products and becoming a reliable and trustworthy Partner to our Customers is our mission and professional passion. We are ready to deliver the best quality product to our Partner in accordance with provided requirements.

Quality Certificates

– HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) – recognized as the world’s system of risk analysis and control of critical control points. The purpose of the HACCP system is to ensure food safety for consumers by controlling the risk factors for the full cycle of production and transportation.
– Halal Certificate – Halal quality assurance that products comply with the Islamic dietary standards, as prescribed in the Qur’an and Sunnah.